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Tuesday, August 13, 2002 :::
"If you want to change the world then shut your mouth and start this minute." - Cracker, "Get Off This"

Human beings love to complain. Nothing makes us feel better then working up a good self-indulgent froth of indignation and letting rip to whoever is in ear shot. I get the distinct impression that Americans do this better than most. It is in our history. We started complaining when the Church of England wouldn't let the Puritans do their own thing, ratcheted it up a notch when they dared to tax our tea, and turned it into a profitable cottage industry during the Clinton Era. Outside of just general bickering, the two items I hear the most are Airport Security and the education system.

Everyone has a supposed horror story about airport security. Long lines during the holidays, incompetence at the video screen, old ladies having their purses searched. And I will admit that at times at certain airports, things seem to be on the disorganized side. Maybe I'm being naive, but I think that the poor souls working those gates are doing the best they are capable of doing. That said, whatever happened to 9/11 "Changing Everything". As a nation, we would suddenly become blessed with instant patience, able to easily trade in simplicity for security(not to be confused with exchanging civil rights for security). Whoops, I guess we spoke to soon on that. Much like the word of the death or sarcasm and cynicism were a little premature. Here's my solution, sure to help entertain you and your fellow travelers the next time you are in line. While the middle-aged blowhard starts to huff about the ineptitude of security, tell him "I appreciate your concern. Since you obviously are concerned for the safety of your Fellow Americans, you should quit your lucrative white collar corporate crime job, and take up the uniform for minimum wage. I'd be impressed to see you in action, reinventing the paradigms of airport security while busting terrorist cells."

Same thing with the local school system. In Massachusetts, it is an annual sport to rip on teachers. They are out of touch, behind the times, to blame for all of society's ills. However, how many people are throwing down their briefcases and storming the local school boards, wanting to sign up to be a teacher? Not too many. Many who go into teaching are either idealists, or have few other options. Now that I think about it, the same reason some people go into the military. Only the military actually trains you, gives you a roof over your head, and puts you in easier environments then a 10th grade classroom in an inner city. How many people go to school meetings? Volunteer to help with tutoring?

I'd bet not nearly as many people are sitting around the water cooler complaining. I know, because unfortunately, I'm usually one of them.

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