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Monday, September 23, 2002 :::
Egads, has time gotten away from me. So much for keeping the three-posts-a-week quota. To get the creative juices flowing, I'm jumping on a trend I saw linked from my friend Paul's blog: 100 things about yours truly. Something tells me this may be more difficult than it looks. And, Chris Gladis, once you get around to reading this, I'm throwing down the gauntlet for you to try this, too.

1. My name is Christopher Michael Soule
2. I have two other friends name Christopher Michael. We're available for birthdays, weddings and bar mitvas.
3. I was born in Stoughton, Ma. and grew up in Norwood, Ma.
4. I tell everyone I'm from Boston, just because it's easier.
5. I'm a Red Sox fan, which is more of an affliction than anything else.
6. Growing up, old women would pinch my cheeks and say "Look at those long eyelashes, the girls are gonna love 'em."
7. I thought that was a curse I'd have to live with the rest of my life.
8. Turns out the old women were right, and really glad they were.
9. I had laser eye surgery in '99.
10. I have a tattoo.
11. I am taking swing dance classes.
12. I actually only sorta suck at swing dancing.
13. No one I knew five years ago would have believed the #s 10-12 back then.
14. I'm an only child.
15. I was absolutely, positively not spoiled.
16. My parents are still married.
17. I've hiked the southern 100 miles of Vermont's Long Trail.
18. I have every intention of hiking the remaining 170 miles.
19. I've traveled to Japan, twice.
20. I've only been in less than half the states in the country, and most of those just passing through.
21. I hate all things related to the New York Yankees.
22. I recently refused to by a Frank Sinatra album simply because it had the song "New York, New York" on it, which reminds me of the New York Yankees.
23. I have seen Blues Traveler 25 times.
24. Those 25 shows have been spread over 10 states and Washington, D.C.
25. Before I die, I want to hike in Scotland and Nepal.
26. If I could live overseas for a year, it would in Ireland.
27. I used to brew my own beer.
28. I keep telling myself I'm going to brew beer again.
29. I have been studying taekwondo for a year and a half.
30. I'm at least a year away from my black belt.
31. I'm the oldest of about 20 or so grandchildren on my father's side.
32. I have almost no contact with my extended family, completely by my own choice.
33. I still worry about disappointing my parents.
34. I don't take compliments well.
35. I have managed to meet almost all of my musical idols who are still living.
36. I am very good friends with a guy who wanted to kill me, and vice versa, over a woman.
37. I have learned how to play four major instruments so far(piano, trumpet, guitar and harmonica).
38. The only one I can still play is the guitar.
39. I was in a band in college that went through bass players like Spinal Tap went through drummers.
40. I have a small studio setup in my apartment.
41. My New Year's Resolution was to write and record 10 new songs.
42. I'll be lucky if I get 5 done.
43. I live just outside of Washington D.C.
44. I never would have moved out of the Boston area if it wasn't for my friend Joe in New Jersey.
45. He probably will never realize how grateful I am for him kicking me in my ass.
46. I worked as a gat attendant at a beach, a janitor, a gopher at a supermarket, a field tech for the Massachusetts DPH before I got my current batch of comfy white collar jobs.
47. I've never owned a dog, but I'd like to.
48. I've been truly in love twice.
49. My favorite movie non-guy movie is 'Chasing Amy'.
50. I went to Xaverian Bros. High School, class of 1992.
51. It was probably the second best thing I've ever done to make me who I am.
52. I ran cross country and track and field in high school.
53. I was the slowest person on each, but I was too stubborn to quit.
54. I received my varsity letter in track and field just for showing up for four years.
55. I am a direct descendant of George Howard Soule, an indentured servant who was on the Mayflower.
56. I'm far more like my father than I'd usually want to admit.
57. I am a demanding person to be friends with.
58. I hate trying to learn new languages.
59. I have a terrible habit of not knowing how to "push the rock up the hill one roll at a time".
60. I can't believe I'm only at #60.
61. I worked for the Nader campaign in Massachusetts in the 2000 campaign.
62. Peanut butter might be my #1 food vice.
63. I drink Guiness for the flavor, but Budweiser is my "one beer to have when you're having more than one."
64. I used to coach 8 yr olds in little league.
65. I like to think I'm pretty good at poker.
66. In the grand scheme of things, I'm not.
67. I'm probably more concerned with dying with regrets than most 28 year olds.
68. I am the class clown at work.
69. I am far more confident than some people think, and not nearly as confident as others think.
70. I still haven't found a way to work the words "Turgid" and "Tumescent" into a work-related email.
71. If I won the lottery, I'd build a recording studio in a house and help local muscicians.
72. I worked in radio in college.
73. I lost my Boston accent while learning how to say the call letters of the station.
74. I've tried on-line dating, with mixed results.
75. I am Seeing Someone for the first time in years, and I'm thrilled.
76. My greatest fear is dying without affecting anything or anyone.
77. I really want to visit Vegas, San Francisco, Chicago and N'Awlins.
78. "Wikkid Pissah" is my favorite Boston phrase.
79. I painfully miss performing in a band with my friends.
80. I get overly riled up discussing how inept the Bush Administration is.
81. I own more books than I have space in my bookshelf.
82. I am terrible at meeting new people in new situations.
83. I have a fake tooth.
84. I am scared to distraction at the thought of either of my parents dying.
85. I am angry at my grandmother for how she has treated my father
86. I think men should wear hats, like fedoras, more often.
87. I've never shopped at The Gap or Old Navy.
88. I don't think you should wear a ballcap of anything except a team you follow, and then only in the original color.
89. I own a pickup truck simply because it has big tires.
90. I'm thrilled I only have a few more of these to go.
91. I like to cook, but only when I have someone to cook for.
92. Omasoba is my favorite Japanese food.
93. I have a picture of my "niece" Virginia Tamburello on my desk.
94. I keep my photos in boxes instead of albums, for no good reason.
95. I'm an email junky.
96. I think cell phones should be banned in baseball parks.
97. West Wing and Six Feet Under are my favorite TV shows.
98. I hate sitcoms.
99. I love living alone, but wither at the thought of being alone forever.
100. Not a day goes by that I don't realize how lucky I have been. I am relatively healthy, no one close to me has died or suffered too much, and I am successful by most standards.

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