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Wednesday, January 08, 2003 :::
Another fluff "Things I pondered while feeling like a beached whale after the holiday gorging" posts...hey, if nationally syndicated columnists can get away with it, so can I.

- Avril Lavigne is nominated for a Grammy. Several of them, actually. Are you shitting me? This is the same girl who wondered to Entertainment Magazine that hey, just because she doesn't know who the sex pistols are doesn't mean she isn't punk. I can not possibly begin my annual Grammy rant in such an emotional state. Stay tuned.

- All of those who can't wait to use the savings from the soon-to-be-dropped dividend tax to run out and buy something other than a big Mac at McDonalds, please raise your hand. Let's see that would be....hmmm....not a big response.

- I hate to admit it, but I have goosebumps over this shoe "Joe Millionaire". I hate FOX programming, but anything that will prove the "Women are Freakin' R'tahdid" principle must have some redeeming value.

- That said, Fox's "Married by America" is a joke. Why is it the network that brings us social scolds like Bill O'Reilly bellowing on about the Death of the American Family has no problem with this stuff? As my friend in Japan, who is gay, says, "As someone who can't get married due to an act of Congress, this just pisses me off."

- Spring training, only 5 weeks away. Giddyup.

- I've been swinging dancing long enough now to develope pet peeves. How about that? Tops of the list - dancers who should know better not adapting their moves/style to a crowded dance floor. One of these days, I'm going to get kicked or stepped on, the band will stop playing "In the Mood" and starting playing some hard rocking beats, while the DJ screams "OH MY GOD, IT'S CHRIS SOULE'S MUSIC", whilst I pummell the guy with a folding chair.

- Click here for the finest in Dubya parody sites on the web.

- Mark your calendars. Jan. 18th, anti-war on Iraq rally at the Capitol. I wonder how the mainstream media will ignore it this time if another 100,000 or so people show up?

- Anyone notice Dubya has switched positions on North Korea three or four times in the last...oh, I dunno....three or four days?

- No, really, Pitchers and Catchers report in about a month. Mmm....Pedro....

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