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Thursday, January 23, 2003 :::
Compassionate Conservatives at their Best?

So, I stroll into work today and glance at the headlines in the Washington Post. I am greeted with this article. A quick summary goes like this: The Department of Health and Human Services has a committee dedicated to researching and giving advice on how the administration should shape policy in regards to AIDS(you know, the virus the health community knew of in 1981, but Reagan didn't mention publicly until 1985?). There is a new appointee to the board. This gentleman contracted AIDS in the '80s via blood transfusion. So, what's the problem? He has referred to AIDS as the "Gay Plague", was a member of the Bob Jones University staff for seven years, and recently gave a speech there about the "Sin of Homosexuality". He is a firm believer that Our Lord Jesus Christ is the only road to salvation for those pesky gays whom he says lead a "death style".

And this is a guy who will advise Mr. Bush on how the federal government should handle the medical and scientific areas of the AIDS virus in this country? Well, shit, seems easy to me. Just lay a little churchin' on them, or course. That might be difficult if they are Jewish gay men and women. Or, hell, what if they pray to Allah? Oh, wait, then we really don't care, because they are probably tehrists in the eyes of Uncle Johnny and the rest of the Bush Administration.

Between this, war in Iraq, soaring defense department budget and crushing federal deficits, I want to party like it's 1985 all over again. Get me some parachute pants and a new Michael Jackson album. So much for Clinton's bridge to the 21st Century.

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