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Friday, January 03, 2003 :::
Happy New Year, it'll probably be the last one

So, 2002 is but a memory now. And what a memory. War drums, recession, corporate scandal, and another year of Sox fans saying "Wait till next year." I tend to be really into self-reflection, usually to a fault. The new year though is a more acceptable time for this. So, what did I learn/experience in 2002?

- Made it to Japan for the second time. And learned not to judge one trip on the experiences of a previous one.
- Learned how to swing dance, a whopping 4 years after the swing craze blew through the country.
- Realized that it's OK to let old friends go. No sense in constantly putting out effort on someone who can't be bothered to write an email(Marie, Joe - yes, I'm talking to you here).
- Finally figured out that getting laid does not equal self-esteem.
- Learned that fancy moves on the dance floor aren't worth as much as a solid, simple dance. OK, so I've *almost* learned this one
- Learned that it is really, really stupid to let a woman's lack of interest in me affect me as deeply as it has in the past
- I fell in love again, for the right reasons, and the right way.

There's so much more to do on the Chris Self-Improvement project. Yet, for the first time in about three years, I don't feel like I'm wasting time. I feel I'm finally moving forward again. I have many of the major Issues I Struggled With(tm) in my mid-20s figured out. Maybe not beat, but they have been filed away in the proper places. My resolution for this year to form or join a band and play out. Instead of my old dreams - playing in front of 100,000 at Wembley Stadium - I'd be thrilled to play at Bob's Country Bunker doing REM cover tunes. We shall see.

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