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Monday, January 20, 2003 :::
This is what Democracy looks like.

There is no better way to piss off Middle America than to tell them their point of view in unpatriotic. These are the people who dutifully file out for parades on the Fourth of July, who stand in awe at the monuments in DC, and who still think that running for town committee member is a good thing to do. And on Saturday, we saw what happens when regular old Joes get fed up. They get out and protest.

Even in the 25 degree cold, I was down there with Marissa. My main reason for attending is that I am tired of hearing that you are either with Bush or against Bush. I understand that Iraq posses a legit problem to our national security. I also understand that oil is major issue for us, and that the phrase "No Blood For Oil" neglects the fact that our economy is beholden to oil However, the rebirth of the America - Love it or Leave it culture is hard to stomach. My sign at the rally was simple. Dissent is not Treason.

So, did the protest do anything? I think it did, although not in the government. I think it made people sitting at home sit up and take notice. It made them stop and think about why 100,000 people would stand out in the cold, or take a bus for 16 hours to be there. I think it let people who want to show support to the country but who disagree with Bush on his Iraq policy that, hey, others feel the same way. And that it isn't just scruffy anti-globalization protestors. We saw a sign that said 'Mainstream White Guys for Peace'. Perfect. It's a much better image for the media to broadcast then a bunch of white college kids in black, chaining themselves together with bike locks.

So, what can you do? Read, write, and be involved. If there is a local protest, go. If you have a friend or neighbor that trys to sell you Dissent is Unpatriotic line, bring the heat and inform them that the opposite is the truth.

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