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Tuesday, March 25, 2003 :::
6 week, huh? That's quite a bit of time. The whopping 8 of you who read this must be thinking "What the hell is up with Chris? War and world wide chaos, and he doesn't have an opinion?"

Well, that's not quite it. The problem is that everything I want to write about turns into a loud blast of white noise when I put fingers to keyboard. Any idiot can yell on the Net. I want to do it with style and meaning and purpose.

I still think this war is wrong, misguided, and utterly preventable. I can honestly say I wish the troops the best of luck, but this idea of putting aside your opinions and backing a government I find repulsive is, well, bullshit. If the boys are supposedly in the desert to protect my freedoms, then I'm going to use every last one of them.

Here's something to check out. This guy, mid-20s, is an Iraqi living in Bagdad, and is keeping a blog. Absolutely incredible that this even exists, for so many reasons.

On the home front, so to speak, things are about the same as always. Taekwondo continues. Swing dancing continues. I have more responsibilities at work, and I'm desperately trying to handle them in a calmer manner. Marissa and I are doing even better now than we were in December/January.

And of course, the Red Sox are gearing up for another season of heart-breaking. For every season, turn, turn and all that jazz.

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Rantings, ramblings, observations and musings from the insipid to the sublime

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