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Cowboy Up, Over and Out

Saturday, October 18, 2003 :::
Here's something that I don't understand about the baseball playoffs, besides why Grady Little didn't have the common sense to pull Pedro.

Why is everyone so against the 2003 Red Sox?

For decades, all you ever heard was how terrible the negative attitude of Sox fans is. You read about the 25 guys, 25 cabs teams of the past. Yet, in 2003, Red Sox Nation was blessed with a team of players who kept their heads up day in and day out, regardless of the situation. They kept their eye on the prize, and they even gave us a folksy saying to help the fans. Cowboy Up.

So, the fandom kept their eyes up. Most people never thought they were done, even when being down 2 games to none against Oakland. Game Six in New York? Can 'o corn, this team always steps up big. And they did.

Yet, the rest of baseball and its writers ripped us. Ripped the team as too cocky. ripped the fan base for being too full of themselves(this is the same jibe we take when we're being too negative).

So, while I am completely devastated over this, the fact is that this was a team you could truly love and enjoy. There were no Mike Lansings or Carl Everetts. Sure, Manny is a baby, and Pedro has botus of immaturity and Nomah can be a little standoffish. But the other 22 guys? I'll remember Millar and Walker and Nixon 30 years from now.

Maybe baseball writers would be happier if we were all just cold, soulless corporate automatrons like the Yankees. God, do I hate them with every fiber of my being. I would gladly give 10 years off my life to have seen the Sox win Game 7. If Grady had only raised his arm to the bullpen....

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