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Japan - Day 6

Wednesday, May 18, 2005 :::
Blech. We've been blessed with great weather this trip. Almost every day has been brilliantly sunny, temps in the mid to upper 70s.

This was not one of those days.

We awoke to Albany-gray clouds and drizzle. It didn't start to really rain until we started walking up the street. Breakfast of pasta at a small local place, then subway to Takashimaya department store. This is how it should be stateside. Every possible food item you could possibly imagine in one place. Quite a few items were being made on the spot. I wanted to go for two reasons: First, it sucked out, and was indoors. Second, you get lots of free samples, and that includes the alcohol section. Unlike last trip, our sake taster was stingy on the booze, and quite frankly the selections were lacking.

Back to Starbucks afterwards, where a critical decision was made. Instead of pushing on with touristy stuff in crappy weather, we folded our tents and decided to hunker down. We headed back to the apartment, watched Return of the King(extended version) and ate chees-its. Dinner was at a local noodle place. We grabbed some beer and munchies at a convienence store, and we've been hanging out here ever sense.

One highlight before I wrap up. We caught the weather on TV. This is how graphics should work in the States. To show that today's clouds will be replaced by sun tomorrow, a big pac man Sun slide onto the screen and *ATE THE CLOUDS*. Priceless.

Tomorrow we are going to Kobe for a little wandering around, and then catching a Hanshin Tigers game in Osaka. The next day will be an early morning train ride to the airport for the trip home. 12 hours from Osaka to Detroit, another hour and change to DC.

In case I don't get to post again until I'm back in DC, thanks for the two or three of you who actually have been reading. It's nice to get feedback. I'll also be doing a wrap up post, as well as links to some photos.

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