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Doolin - Day 7

Monday, May 15, 2006 :::
Boy, a week our here. Things are starting to blur together. Or that could just be the after effects of today's boat rides.

So, here we are, still in Doolin. And we finally found the type of pubs we've been searching for. O'Connor's and McDermott's are both homey, down to earth places with great live traditional music. We hit O'Connor's for dinner while a family of about 8 played in the middle of the room. McDermott's is across the street from our BnB. A few pints consumed, and some yahoo spilled another one on me. The older gent next to me also got splashed. When he pointed out to the guy he didn't appreciate it, and why didn't he apologize, The Spiller(who looked like a pudgy John Lithgow) turned an asked if he wanted to step outside. "I've been going to pubs for fifty years and I ain't never stepped outside." And then he muttered something to the guy in gaelic that sounded appropriately insulting. Good times.

Today we awoke to an awful cold rain. Things were not boding well for a good trip out to the Aran Island. Luckily, Marissa still has a little bit of weather luck in her, and skies cleared up before our ferry landed at Innismorr. It's an odd place. The entire island is marked out with stone walls that date back to the 8th century or so. The soil is littered with rocks, so the early settlers decided to dig them up and actually farm. Well, what to do with all the rocks? Build walls, that's what. The highlight of the trip was the walk up to the Don Aungus fort. It's right on top of a 100 meter high cliff. If you put your ear to the ground, you can hear the Atlantic crashing against the rocks below. And, much like the Cliffs of Moher, no safety fences. With the winds so strong up there, tourists have actually gotten too close and been blown off the edge. Tough way to die, as a public spectacle and all.

This is probably our last internet stop of the trip. Tomorrow we're taking the scenic route through The Burren, then back down to Bunratty. We have a swanky dinner reservation at Dromoland Castle to put a nice end to the trip. Then it's time to jump on a plane and head back home. This has been an excellent trip, and a great honeymoon.

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