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Killarney - Day 4

Friday, May 12, 2006 :::
Today is probably our longest driving day. To break things up, we decided to hit another national historical site that was mostly on our way. Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you to the Rock of Cashel ( Quick aside - you like the links? If somebody else has already written, there's no way I'm going to crank out 200 words. Who do you think I am, Bill Simmons?

A solid tour of the grounds of the Rock and a disappointing lunch of tea and cheese sandwhich(not grilled, just shredded chedder between bread). The driving today was on more narrow roads. Not difficult, but frustrating at times. Like when farm equipment would use the roads and go 30 kph, instead of the posted 100 kph. Blech. At least today, the roads dump you immediately into downtown Kilarney. Wiser than yesterday, we immediately parked and found the tourist information office. Armed with maps and information, we wandered around the town getting a general feel for things. My first impression is that this is a tourist town. It's nice, but almost feels like it is trying too hard. If it were in the States, it would probably be some monstrosity like Gatlinburg. Of course, had we been like Dubya, we'd have made all the same mistakes that we made yesterday, and then been baffled that the outcomes were the same.

We've checked in to our quaint BnB for the next two nights. The plan for tonight it to grab some dinner and a pint, maybe catch some traditional live music, and head back to the BnB. Tomorrow, we are signed up for a bus tour of the Ring of Kerry (aha, you thought there's be a link? Look it up yourself *grin*). While neither of us are huge fans of being on a bus all day, it should be a good day to recharge, enjoy the scenery, and get ready for the Doolin/Galway parts of the trip(hint - Cliffs of Moher, and the home of traditional music and pubs in all of Ireland)

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